• hey thanks for that.

    the dude banned me cause i reported a Five Nights at Freddy's clear reference in the last episode and said "you're clearly a fan boy blablabla ban" as you can see on the left and he was very rude. Reason for ban: Goodbye shithead.

    1) i'm not a FNAF fanboy, far from it, just cause I know what FNAF and its character are doesn't make me a fanboy.

    2) the Foxy thing was there and even Brian and Stewie commented it. Ik animatronics are not something from fnaf only but was that a thing to be so rude?

    anyway hope someone make him change his mind. Sorry for writing it here but since i can't write it anywhere there i thought i'd post it in one of your fav wikis. LetsPlayNintendoITA 23:31, September 27, 2016 (UTC)

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